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Lucy and CeCee's How to Survive (and Thrive) in Middle School

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A zany handbook is "written" by two seventh grade girls attending Madison Heights Middle School - spry, outgoing, boy-crazy Lucy Pringle and shy, studious, bespectacled CeCee Cruz.  Laced with diary entries of their own daily escapades regarding skater slacker boyfriend crushes, B.F.F. shopping trips to the mall, and B.E.E. (Bitter Eternal Enemies) text wars, the tween tell-all rings true about the netherworld of middle school in all its gory glory.  

(Dana) knows her audience well, and has pitched this book to them perfectly, packing useful information into a fun, frothy read....Any sixth grade girl who's facing middle school as if it were a firing squad will find great comfort here.  Both entertaining and useful, How to Survive is a winner.  Starred Review - BlueInk Review 

With plenty of humor and adventure, "Lucy and CeCee's How to Survive (and Thrive) in Middle School" is a strongly recommended addition to young adult fiction collections, not to be missed. - Midwest Book Review

But while the girls’ teachings are often amusing, what really makes Dana’s book exceptional are the 

girls themselves....The girls’ approach to more sensitive issues such as cyberbullying and peer pressure to drink or do drugs is intelligent and responsible. Lucy and CeCee’s target audience may consist solely of tweens, but this is a book that can educate readers of any age. - Kirkus Reviews

Lucy and CeCee’s guide to middle-school survival is a fast-paced, funny, and insightful book that will serve to clarify typical teen lingo and behavior for adults and give guidelines to tween and teenage kids who are having trouble navigating the middle-school milieu. - Clarion Reviews


This nostalgic read is both fun and informative in its perspective of middle school existence. The author's use of tweenie vernacular adds to character development and theme relevance.  - Readers Favorite

Winner of Editor's Choice and Rising Star Awards

Starred Review - BlueInk Book Reviews

Young Adult Teen Book Honorable Mention - Paris Book Festival

Young Adult Teen Book Honorable Mention - San Francisco Festival of Books

Young Adult Teen Book Honorable Mention - New York Festival of Books

Featured in The Tennessean, "Teacher to Tweens"
Featured in Culver City Crossroads, "Tween Book a Treat that Rings True"

Published by iUniverse, 2012


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