What if Bring It On met Friday the 13th?  It would be called CHEERAGE FEARAGE.  Peppered with humor, wit, and a firecracker lingo all its own, CHEERAGE FEARAGE will have teens salivating for Tiki Tinklemeyer and her adventures in Valentine, a sleepy little town with a penchant for the paranormal and M.C.S  Missing Cheerleader Syndrome.  The young adult novel is the first installment of the jaw-dropping mystical teen series, jam-packed with chills and thrills that will leave no pimple ungoosed!  Fire up for the hip, comical, and diabolically scary!  Ready? O-kay!

This is a very funny book that successfully uses comedy to offset the horror that is happening. It is very rare for a book to be able to be both funny and scary at the same time but Kimberly Dana has managed very well in Cheerage Fearage...This book should be read if only for the ending, the last page surprised me and absolutely blew my mind. I am looking forwards to reading more by this author and I am desperately hoping that we will hear more about Tiki and her friends.  - Readers Favorites

This was a delightful read! Dana really has a talent for getting inside the head of teen girls. The voice is young and fresh and the pace moves quickly with lots of fun, quirky dialogue. So this is a soft horror story with a humorous twist. The story was intriguing enough to keep me reading throughout, and the ending was good, promising more to come in Book Two. -

Kimberly Dana's new book 'Cheerage Fearage' has it all... - Paula Phillips, Librarian / Blogger at The Phantom Paragrapher

Honorable Mention by Writers Digest - YA Novel Award

Young Adult Winner - Bronze - Readers Favorite Literary Contest

Young Adult Teen E-Book Honorable Mention - New York Festival of Books

Published by Wild Child Publishing, 2012.    

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