♥'s 2 WRITE 4 KIDS / ♥'s 4 KIDS 2 WRITE


*Find a quiet place to think and work.

*Daydream.  Some of my best ideas come from just daydreaming and thinking, "What if..."

*Observe others.  Describe them in your mind using your five senses.

*Show - don't tell.  I always tell my students this.  If someone in your story is angry, don't say the words mad, angry, or upset. Show it through their words and actions.   

*Read, read, read.  I truly believe you can't be a good writer unless you take time to read - everyday.  Read everything you can put your hands on but especially the type of stories you like to write.  

*Keep at it!  Writing is hard work.  It takes time, patience, and perseverance.  And no one gets it right on the first try.  Revision is a very important part of the writing process - so keep at it!

*Oh yeah - don't forget to spellcheck!


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